Hi Dave,

I just wanted to drop you a short note to let you know how pleased we are with our Camper Trolley. We use it to position our Coleman RV trailer in the exact spot needed at both campsites and in our driveway. We wouldn’t be without it because it eliminates the frustration of trying to do this with our pickup.

It’s rugged, very well built and I am amazed at the power it has & the seemingly endless battery life. The Camper Trolley made our RV experience much better.

Thanks for recommending it to us.
Best regards,
Eric S., Rockledge, FL

I purchased my CT1500 in July 2014. I use the camper trolley to easily maneuver a 2012 Aliner Classic Expedition model both at home and at the campground. The space that I have to store the camper is very limited and did not allow for the unit to be backed into place.

After doing some research, I contacted the camper trolley North American representative Mr. David Nye. After discussing my camper weight (3,000 lbs.) with David, the correct solution to my maneuverability issue was the CT1500 camper trolley.

The camper trolley easily attached to my camper frame and the remote operation makes it incredibly easy to use, even on a slight incline. My unit has been nicknamed R2D2 by my friends and fellow campers.

I have been extremely pleased with the usability and versatility of the camper trolley and would highly recommend it to anyone who requires assistance to move campers or trailers in tight spaces.

The support provided by Mr. Nye has also been very good. Any support questions have been responded to very quickly and with adequate information.

Carolyn M.

Our 2500 model camper troller works great!  We bought it to use on our 21ft V-Nose snowmobile trailer.  We have a very small driveway with limited space.  We use the trolly to put the trailer between our garage and shed, which would not be possible using a truck.  One of the features we like the most is the cordless remote control.  When navigating the trolly it sure is nice to be able to walk all around the trailer and see every area while moving it. It handles very well on asphalt and on the grass.  The camper trolly does everything we were hoping for.

Thank you,
Cathy W.